Acidity Causes – What causes acidity?

Acidity Causes

What are the major acidity causes? Acidity is a digestive disorder which mainly happens because the stomach acid getting mixed to the food pipe lining or other irritates the food pipe

 Many times people don’t view it as a disease because it’s just become part of the routine. but if not taken care in time this becomes chronic and irritation becomes severe due to which this ends up in severe heartburn and probably other illness as well.

 What are the major causes of acidity?

 Acidity predominantly is a lifestyle disorder and most of the time acidity happens because of your food choices, acidity is caused because of your sleep patterns, it causes because of your exercising patterns and others. 

Listing down some of the very common causes because of which  acidity happens:

  1. Being obese or overweight is one of the critical causes of acidity
  2. Continuous  snacking or to put it effectively snacking just before sleeping or bed time is  cause of acidity
  3. Having food laying down or sleeping while have food or lay down and have food that could also be a cause of acidity
  4.  If you are a chocolate addict, mint addict or too much of onion could also cause acidity
  5.  Eating spicy foods and fatty foods also triggers acidity
  6. Alcohol can Trigger acidity
  7. Aerated drinks, Colas. caffeine or nicotine can cause acidity
  8. Sometimes you can also experience acidity if your pregnant
  9. If you are on medication / antibiotics this is also a cause of acidity

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