Cholesterol Diet – What is the right diet to manage cholesterol?

Foods to manage cholesterol

What is a cholesterol diet? – Cholesterol is a very important component of the body. It is as important as salt in food. But everything should be in limit, a decrease or increase in this will have severe impact on your health.

The most significant risk when cholesterol increases is to the heart . That’s why globally in different articles or campaigns it says “heart healthy diet” or “heart-healthy campaigns”. Basically they address on how to manage cholesterol when they say it is “heart healthy”.

This article typically helps you with a rough Idea cholesterol friendly diet or so to say cholesterol diet

  1. Soluble fiber helps to prevent the digestive tract absorbing cholesterol so Include lot of whole grain cereals. Some cereals like oatmeals, kidney beans, chickpeas and others which have high soluble fibers
  2. Fruits and vegetables are very useful in controlling cholesterol and should definitely be made up of this. Any diet that has decent amount of fruits and vegetables helps in cholesterol lowering process
  3. Sodium intake in very limited quantities or as as per the doctor’s advice. Because salt plays a major role in managing the blood pressure aspect which eventually is related to managing heart health
  4. Omega 3 fatty acids are very good in raising your good cholesterol. They also help you protect any cloth inflammation and others that can help you reduce the risk of heart attack. Try to include fish with high Omega 3 fatty acids at least twice or thrice a week in your diet
  5. Alcohol is high in cholesterol so it’s always good and to limit consumption of alcohol or avoid it. 

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