Best Diet Plan to Reduce Weight

Best diet plan to reduce weight

Obesity being a global lifestyle disorder and now an officially registered disease, the most frequently asked question is “How do I lose weight?” or “Which is the best diet plan to reduce weight?” or many other phrases that are used to addressed a common issue – “Obesity”.

First things first, there is no one-size-fits-all method or diet plan to reduce weight, having said that you can research and choose different diet plans available and start with the ones that you deem fit, but it is best recommended to visit a nearby nutritionist / dietitian to address your obesity / weight-loss issue.

Some of the common and widely used or considered best diet plan to reduce weight are:

  1. Plant-based diet plan
    1. Popularly known as “Veganism” is gaining popularity because of the multiple benefits derived from this. This typically doesn’t include meat, eggs and dairy products.
    2. This regime, because it is all-natural helps in managing weight as well as chronic lifestyle disorders heart and diabetes amongst others
  2. Low carb diet plan
    1. This is most practiced and followed diet plan
    2. The famous Atkins, Keto and LCFH diet plan comes under this regime
  3. Intermittent Fasting
    1. This is a disciplined cyclical dietary regime
    2. The diet plan cycles can be followed as prescribed or as comfortable but generally in this plan the calorie intake is limited to 8 hours per day
    3. This format restricts you to eat at a specified time daily and limits calorie intake which helps in weight-loss

Other widely used diet plans to reduce weight are:

  1. Paleo Diet
  2. Mediterranean Diet
  3. Low Fat Diet
  4. DASH Diet

As specified above it is best recommended to speak to a nutritionist or dietitian before following any regime to start your weight loss journey.

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