Heart Patient Diet

Heart patient diet

What is a heart patient diet? Dietary guidelines – Patient should maintain slightly lower than the standard weight. Accordingly total calories should be restricted 

  • Diet should be rich in fiber , by including foods like raw salads , fruits, green leaf vegetables and whole grains 
  • Five servings of fruit and vegetables should be included in the diet not only to meet the nutritional requirement , but also to meet antioxidants and fiber 
  • Inclusion of fish in the heart patient diet is beneficial as they contain omega 3 fatty acids 
  • Concentrated foods like sweets , chocolates , cakes , pastries, ice creams, and fried food should be restricted or preferably avoided 
  • Food giving only empty calories like carbohydrate beverages , alcohol, sugar, sago, are totally avoided ∙ Small quantities of almonds can be consumed to bring down the cholesterol levels. High amounts of nuts and oil seeds increase the calories and the fat content in the diet 
  • Egg yolk contains the cholesterol hence egg should be restricted to 2-3 eggs per week 
  • Coconut should be avoided in the diet, as it contains high amount of saturated fatty acids and it is a concentrated source of energy. 
  • Coffee and tea is taken in moderation , excess amount of caffeine increases the heart rate 
  • To restrict sugar intake artificial sweeteners can be included in the diet, 
  • Animal food like meat and pork which contain high amount of saturated fat can be avoided , all sea foods are rich in sodium hence hypertensive patients should avoided these foods 
  • Food that have hypo cholestermic effects like soy bean , fenugreek , garlic , onion , turmeric should be included in the diet 
  • If the patient is suffering from hyper tension , sodium should be restricted 
  • Constipation should be prevented by including plenty of water and fiber in the diet 
  • Heavy meals should be avoided. small and frequent meals are preferred, 
  • Takings outside meals are avoided, as they are mostly high in fat.

A comprehensive dietary guidelines can be found in Health.gov

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