Tips to boost your mental health

Tips to boost your mental health

Boosting mental health and having mental wellness is the key to all form of wellness. Below are some tips to boost your mental health and help you lead a healthy life.

There is a famous saying indicating why thoughts are a crucial element and why it is very important to keep your thoughts positive. 

It goes like this 

keep your thoughts positive because 

  • your thoughts become your words 
  • your words become your behaviour 
  • your behaviour become your habits 
  • you have It’s become your values
  • your values become the character
  • your character defines a destiny

So it is evident that your thoughts play a very important role in defining your destiny. Hence boosting mental health and maintaining positivity is key to having a healthy life.

It is very essential because it defines your physical health as well as your path of life.

Below are certain activities that can help you achieve your mental Wellness and help you be at peace:

  1. Get adequate sleep
  2. Smile often
  3. Meditate
  4. Do Yoga
  5. Jog or walk for at least 30 minute thrice a week
  6. Eat foods that will help you detox
  7. Do some activities occasionally that are completely selfless and brings you happiness / satisfaction
  8. Call your parents at least once a week and check about their well-being
  9. Go out and meet your friends once in a month at least 
  10. Take up a hobby that you have been longing for
  11. Take music or dance lessons, these are proven stressbusters
  12. Avoid food or people that generates toxins in your body / life
  13. Learn the art of saying NO
  14. Don’t be harsh on yourself
  15. Be grateful for what you have and feel blessed for the beautiful life you have

There are many other tips to boost mental health but above given tips will help you start with your regime of boosting mental health. Each tips mentioned above is a therapy in itself that will help you to boost your mental health.

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