Diet for pregnant woman

Diet for pregnant women

Right diet for a pregnant woman is really important for the mother and the child. From conception to exclusive breast feeding (first 6 months) the baby completely depends on mother’s nutritional status.

If the mother is underweight or not gaining optimal weight during pregnancy the nutrients that are transferred to the baby will be of poor quality and quantity. On the other hand, if the mother is overweight, it will hamper the blood circulation to the uterus and restricts the quantity of nutrients transferred to the placenta and to the baby.

There is a considerable increase in the nutritional needs of the mother. On an average the pregnant women gains about 10 kg in pregnancy.

Reach Ideal Body Weight

Before attempting to get pregnant the mother has to gain ideal body weight for a given height (20 to 23 BMI) if she is underweight or may choose to shed some weight if she is overweight.

It’s a good idea to be as close as possible to the recommended weight for a given height (BMI) when trying for a baby as being overweight or underweight can affect babies’ growth and development.

However consult a doctor before starting on any diet or exercise plan. A pregnant woman needs only 350 calories a day more than she did pre-pregnancy.

Above prescribed / mentioned is a tentative diet for pregnant woman and as mentioned in the article above, it is ideal or recommended to see a specialist to get the ideal pregnancy diet customized for you.

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