Breakfast options for diabetics

Breakfast options for diabetics

Once you get diagnosed with diabetes your eating options becomes limited and it is imperative that you have to follow specific lunch / dinner / breakfast options for diabetics.

In all your activities and habits the one thing that you should be completely cautious about is to control your blood sugar levels.

But there are breakfast options for diabetics and other eating options that can help in satisfying your taste buds as well as keeping your sugar levels managed.

The thumb rule for any diet or food option for diabetics is to ensure that the food is low in GI (Glycemic Index) which keeps the sugar level balanced.

It is all about choices of food and disciplined eating habits. By disciplined eating habits what is implied is you should not keep yourself hungry for long hours and ensure that the first meal of the day i.e. the breakfast is never missed.

Some basic things that you would follow while preparing the breakfast is:

  • It should be high in proteins
  • These breakfast options for diabetics should help you to keep the blood sugar stable
  • Grains are preferable and should be included, as these are high in proteins as well as rich in magnesium which helps in regulating blood sugar levels

Your diabetic breakfast could include few of the below options:

  • Egg whites with1 whole wheat bread
  • Juce (Mint or Coriander)
  • A glass of milk (ideally low fat) with 3-5 Almonds
  • Chicken & vegetable sandwich
  • Oatmeal porridge with Walnuts
  • Bran Biscuits
  • Wheat Upma

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