Diabetic Diet – What is the best diet for diabetics?

diabetic diet

Diabetes as a disease could be very restricting when it comes to food choices. The main issue once you have diabetes is controlling yourselves , being on a diabetic diet and yes most of the times it remains with you forever 

Everything depends on how you manage it and how exactly you have your food choices after you have diabetes. Many people in general when they encounter diabetes and when they understand that they are diagnosed with diabetes, the first thing that is done is to check “What is my diet now? What is a diabetic diet?, so this article is just a very brief overview on what is permissible as a diabetic diet.

  1. Oatmeal – Oatmeal is full of soluble fibre  and is recommended if you are diagnosed with diabetes
  2. Vegetables high in fiber: such as beans, spinach, broccoli and green leafy vegetables.
  3. Barley is considered to be a good substitute to white rice. In most of the cases Barley has proved to be a good substitute and it has shown good results when it comes to managing diabetes and is an ideal component for formulating / creating a diabetic diet
  4. Pulses should definitely be included once you are planning to have a diabetic diet. Black beans, whte beans, kidney beans, chickpeas etc are rich in soluble fibers and are high in protein which makes them a preferred choice for diabteic diet
  5. Onion is considered to be one of the best vegetable that should be included in the diet 
  6. Bitter gourd has antidiabetic properties and should be included in the diabetic diet because it helps manage diabetes very effectively.

The core objective of people who are diagnosed with diabetes or their family members should be to avoid blood sugar spikes. This is required and the continuous monitoring of blood sugar levels is important and everything predominantly depends on what is the diet or rather what is the diabetic diet that you are following. 

Along with this, it is also important that you follow all the medication that your physician or diabetologist has described, do your routine exercises and be stress free.

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